3D - Dome Labels/Emblems

Next generation labeling technology... Make a good first impression with "3D - Dome Label”. The truth is, most people judge a product by its Label… Featuring a world-class 3D - Dome Label is sure to draw attention to your product raising it above competition. 

Our truly world class 3-D Dome Label / Emblem, being the most popular item of its kind all over the world, is used in wide variety of Brand Identity Applications such as for Appliances, Machineries, Automobiles, Computers, Mobiles, Furniture, Cosmetics, Surgical items, Garments, Sportswear, Footwear, Corporate Gifts, Brand Promotion and Publicity etc.

In today's environment, which is filled with competition, it's all about being different. These labels provide you with an advantage... They do not just promote brand but add prestige to it as well, serving as a Silent Salesman accompanying the product. We can make our colorful dome labels/emblems in Opaque, Reflective, Metallic, Transparent and other Special effects & finishes to meet your specific requirement.

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